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How to turn chest fat to muscle

Posted by Deltawarrior

Hello... i am a 15 m 5"9 tall. I used to be 35KG overweight (95KG) now i got to 5kg overweight (70KG). I need to tone up my muscles as altough i did not take any weight loss products-rubbish, i look more or less terrible. But i have a difficulty.

My chest is big, but not with muscle, but with fat! I mean not HUGE but well a bit bumped out. I think it looks horrible. Now i do benchpress, dumbell flies and pushups (6 sets - 12reps is this good?) every day. But i am seeing little or no effect (i have been lifting for 3 months) Ok, i am not expecting a championship chest in 3 months but it should at least get some form in it i think.

Even, although i am only 15, my metabolism is REALLY and TRULY slow, i get fat even if i do not exercise while on a strict diet. I know this is not very healthy but during exams one cannot very well exercise.

My workout schedule every day is the following (6sets-12reps every exercise):

dumbell flies



leg extension

concentration curls
10 mins treadmill jogging

I practice very little sports, in winter about 40 mins football at school and in summer maybe 30mins a week swimming, so no help from that sector : )

About diet...well, i guess i am still frightened of falling into bad habits again, i guess i am not eating really healthy. Well, this is my normal diet:

6.00 am - 1 slice toast with butter + cup of tea

10.00 am - 1 slice of Maltese bread (it's a type of bread, quite stomach-filling) with tuna

4.00 pm - 1 slice of sandwich, toasted with butter, tomatoes and vegeterian cheese

8.00 pm - what my mum cooks hehe (always different) but i avoid fried things mostly eating some sort of soup, veggies or salads and some ham.
9 cups of water divided during the day.

Well, what about it guys, is 6 sets-12reps for every exercise every day enough? Should i lift more weights with less reps for more effect? How much (average) is the normal weights which i can lift at this stage? What diet tips can ya give me? THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!

Posted by Sd

Heres my advice....... you shouldnt work your chest everyday no matter how much you are tempted to do so. chest should be trained 1-2 times a week, so that it has time to recover and the muscle has time to rebuild itself. also, you need to either cut back on the reps or cut back on the sets. all you are doing is building endurance, but you probably wont see much growth in the muscle or a change in the shape of your chest. the fact your chest is not involved in your cardio shouldnt matter that much. when you do cardio, you lose fat from all over your body, not just from the area around the working muscles.

to really give you good advice this is what you need to tell us:
-how long have you been lifting?
-your physical stats (height, weight, etc)
-your workout schedule (be specific.. include all excercise with reps and sets and also cardio)
-your diet (be specific here too)
-any sports that you play or specific training goals

i saw that you posted your stats on another thread, but post it here also so that people will be able to get all the info in one place.

lastly, i know what your going through with the metabolism issue. mine is really slow and if i didnt workout a lot and play sports, i would probably really have a gut. but, there is a bright side. once you get into a good workout routine, you will gain muscle faster than guys who are naturally really thin. in my opinion, its easier for guys like you and me to lose fat than it is for guys with light speed metabolism to gain muscle. so, post the information i asked for, listen to the advice people give, and follow it. if you do that you will hopefully start to see results fairly quickly.

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