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How to work out each muscle group

Posted by Wayne

I have only been here for a couple of months and I have been reading this board pretty religiously (unless it is down...urrrg!!) I have been following the Body for Life Program (I know...some of you hate it and think it is only a money grab for Bill Phillips), anyway I have lost 23lbs on the program and I have changed my lifting routine to after work as compared to first thing in the morning but I still do my cardio before I eat in the morning (it wakes me up actually). In changing my routine I have found that I have more time to workout, I can focuss more and I have more strength. What my question is, When I am doing a routine like upper body and I have finished working out a certain part like Chest for instance could I go back to doing that part once it has cooled down and I have moved on to another part of the body? Like do another set of flys or something just to stretch them out? Would I be wasting my time doing this or would there be some gain. I hope this wasn't a stupid question but I couldn't find anything similar posted on the board. I have heard lots of great things about Arnold's encyclopedia of modern Body Building and I plan to buy it this week-end when I go out of town to Chapters.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter...and NO CHOCOLATE!!!

Posted by Que

Once you finish working a bodypart - don't go back later after it has cooled down and do another set.

At the end of your workout it is a very good idea to "cool down." Walking or light cardio with stretching should help move-out the lactic acid from the muscles and speed up the healing process.

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