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I have no energy on my diet

Posted by Hope

I have been following Body for life for a while, but ran out of supplements. I take myoplex, simply protein, and hydroxycut. Since then, I have had no energy. Everytime I eat something sweet, I get in a really bitchy mood. It feels like when I was quitting smoking years ago, that raw, nastiness you can feel. I like ice cream as a cheat and frozen yogurt. I am very active and get a lot of sleep but now I am still very tired. Any ideas or assistance would be most appreciated, and as always THANK YOU !

Posted by Billy

I dont know about that body for life shit, but im willing to guess why your tired, your probably just not eating enough calories to meet your daily needs. oh by the way ditch that myoplex its too expensive, keep the EAS simply protein and make your own meal replacements, i make mine with 2 cups skim milk, 4 scoops whey, 6 egg whites, 2 heaping tablespoons of natural peanutbutter, and either 3/4 - 1 cup grapenuts or granola, this works better since its whole foods, cheaper, and tastes a whole lot better.

Posted by Bigfat

Ok try upping the cals mainly carbs or fat..choose one not both id say you need carbs...from what youve said...

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