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Incline or flat bench press which is better

Posted by Graham

i see lots of dude in the gym flat benching, however i was givin' the advice not to and rather use an incline bench with dumbells as the flat bench gives to much lower pec and looks like tits!

i used to do pyramid sets- 12 reps 24kg 8-10 reps 28kg 6 reps 30kg (incline dumbells). i now incorporate the flat bench and the incline bench for 2 sets of 8 while lowering the weight a little and performing the exercise slower and tighter.

which is best? is my routine any good for chest?

p.s i might do few sets of cable crossover to finish.

Posted by BigboyNasty

Do flat bench. I always have. Most people on this board do. I do bench for power only though. 1-5 reps. I build w/ incline dumbells though 8-10 reps.

Posted by Smith

Dumbbell presses are slightly superior to barbell presses because they allow full movement and contraction of the arms that barbell does not allow. That doesn't mean that barbell presses are not beneficial, however.

As far as incline, flat and decline....I have read a million articles written by people who say one version is better than the other. The truth is...they're all good. Try to do all of them.

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