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Is alcohol really bad for bodybuilding

Posted by Steelface

Getting big and ripped is about 60 % diet if not more. Professional body builders constantly have to watch what they eat, how much and when. Now I'm not a professional nor would I want to be. I want to be bigger than I am now and lean. A "simple" objective we probably all strive for. Next to weight training I study, internet, read, work and go out every other Saturday. Going out means drinking with the boys.

You all heard the same story: alcohol is bad, it slows growth , blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is that going out without drinking sucks. I go out, get tipsy, have a few laughs, chase the skirts and go to sleep. I don't have to drink every day just that one. So the question is to the ppl who do drink and bodybuild, how do you handle the alcohol dilemma?

Posted by BoogieMan

There really is no dilema, What are your priorities? Getting drunk, feeling like shit the day after, empty wallet, possibly making an ass out of yourself and adding unwanted calories and damaging alcohol to your system or do you want the body you've been training for? Pretty simple answer unless you are unhappy with life and have to turn to booze to get you through the day or nite? Motivation bro! What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!

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