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Is skipping meals bad for bodybuilding

Posted by Lextheflex

I skipped some meals today!! Am I doomed??

For the last 3 months I have been eating like a horse to gain a couple of pounds. It is going as planned! But today I just didnt feel like eating that much becouse I felt like a balloon ready to pop, so I skipped a couple of meals.

My question is,.... when I have an off-day like this, will it effect my gaining??


Posted by Nick

Not too bad. Just eat tomorrow and look at other sources of the problem if this becomes regular.

Posted by Kak

Remember what you eat today fuels your workout tommorrow so don't be surprised if you feel sluggish tom.

Posted by Monk

Oh my god, you skipped some meals???? Not only are you doomed, but you doomed the rest of us too!!!!

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