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Leg extension only workout

Posted by Chuck

Hey guys, I have a problem. One of my knees are all screwed up( probably form growing) presses and squats are a no no right now. Anyways I was wondering if it was okay if I only did leg extentions. If it is okay as a last resort can some one please tell me how I can do them to get the best results (ex. sets/reps) Thanks alot guys. I really appreciate it.

Posted by Riftwood

I had trouble with my left knee when I first added leg extensions to my routine. It was a slight pain under the knee cap, with some slight stiffness. I think it's you knee's not use to the stress placed on them when you leg curl. My pain went after about a week of leg curling. Stick with it, if the pain is still there after a week I would advise you to rest it. You may have overworked it.

Posted by Paul

There are many workouts you can do for leg extensions only for quads, you could do a 10 sets of 10 reps volume workout or you can do a high intensisty thigh workout using different rep ranges, such as 25 reps, add weight do 12 rep and more weight and do 6 reps.

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