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Lose fat off stomach and hips

Posted by Irish

Hi guys,

I was suffering the web and I found this site and I was wondering can any of you fellas help me out.

I am trying to lose body fat off my gut and hips. I am doing my best to use a low carb/fat - high protein diet, but it is difficult to try and get the right food at the right times.

I play semi-pro rugby in Ireland so I wouldn't get in as many gym sessions as you guys - I hit the weights hard about 2 times a week, the rest of my training is done on the rugby field, a mixture of cardio, tackling, circut training etc. I have rugby training 3 times a week with a game on the weekends.

I have just started taking clenbuterol to aid the with fat burning. I am 6ft1 245 and 22%bf.

First question - is the diet correct for fat loss and muscle building?

Second question - do I need to put in more gym work to get the benifits of the clen?

Anybody that can help I would really appreciate it.

Posted by Guardog

I wouldn't go to low on the carbs as you are an active person who gets above average exercise. You might look into something like Ripped Fuel, I'm not sure what they have there in Ireland. What kind of cardio do you do and for how long?? I have watched rugby and a friend of mine coached in NZ, so I know you get lots of jogging but when doing strictly cardio what do you do?

The Clenbuterol you would get a better and more informed response in a drugs forum.

Posted by Que

Go with .8 grams of protein per lb. of body weight per day (minus 10% bodyfat that is 221 X .8 = 177 grams per day). I agree with Guarddog - you do not want to overly restrict your carbs or fat intake. Divide your diet into eating 6 times a day and keep a jounal so you have an idea of how many cals you are actually consuming. You are probably taking in a lot more than you think.

Clen works if you workout or not. So working out more does not effect the clen. However, it is best to do clen for 2 weeks then do an ECA stack for 2 weeks then back to Clen - alternating between these two. This is far more effective.

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