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Losing fat without losing strength

Posted by Strong

Diet, excess fatloss and keeping strength

Ok,I am about 6'0 265lbs and getting heavier. I have about 19% body fat, but I want it down to about 10-15%.

I am pretty strong for my age, 19, but I would like to start eating a lot better..

now I eat a lot of protein including some myoplex protein that is 42grams of protein per shake.. yummy plus a shitload of steak all the time with chicken and tuna..

As I have posted on other boards I would really like to lose my excess fat without going into lean muscle and without losing all of my bulk. So that when I take the leap for my first cycle I can put on some really good lean muscle, and eventually work my body fat down to below 10%. **My Ultimate Goal!**

I know diet has a lot to do with it, and I would like to see some tips from some of the vets on what they would recommend on burning the excess fat but not killing all of my strength.

anything would be well appreciated..

Posted by Griever

Basically you cant diet properly and expect to keep your strength. Your strength will decrease but when you get to your goal you can start to concentrate on your strength more.

Posted by Cypandro

To be honest, I always tend to lose a little strength when dieting. I eat a lot of egg whites, tuna or really any fish (not fried of course), chicken breasts. Eat your carbs early in the day, I prefer old fashioned oatmeal or sweet potatoes. Stay away from sugars except for maybe right after your workout. I also like low or nonfat cottage cheese before bed. Remember that doing cardio is important and you might do an E/C/A stack. That's what I do, if that helps.

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