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Low carb diet for getting ripped

Posted by Fback

Hey fellas , i need a good diet that i can trust with lots of protein and little carbs , because i feel the carbs in my diet are whats keeping my abs from really cutting up , so if someone could give me a good daily diet that would be sweet thanks.

Posted by GearHead


You don't need to cut out your carbs to get cut up. You need to restrict your carbs intake late in the day. You should just eat high protein and high carbs, but don't eat any carbs after 5 pm. Once your body fat is low enough you need to smash your abs in the gym to achieve that really ripped look.

Posted by Smith

I agree with the last person. Despite this new fad of popular diets and nutritional plans where you cut your carbs way back, it is NOT necessary to do that to get cut and defined. I am not preaching a low protein diet either, your body DOES need a lot of protein.

If your abs are not as defined as you want them to be, your bodyfat percentage is almost certainly too high. You need to reduce your bodyfat percentage by reducing your fat intake and/or reducing your total daily calories overall.

The last person who said not to eat carbs after 5 p.m. brought up a good point and I would like to expand on that concept. Try not to eat ANYTHING at all within the last 2-3 hours before going to sleep. And try not to eat any SIMPLE carbs after 12 p.m.

Good luck

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