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Lower body workout routine

Posted by Riftwood

My Lower Body Routine In Full

This is the Lower body routine that I am following at the moment. It make's up the second part of my split routine. I have been following this routine for nearly 4 month's now and I am starting to see some gain's. Strength is increasing well along with my overall fitness level.

Lower Body
Training Day's: Tuesday and Friday

The abdominal's
50 Semi Situps on bench with weight plate.
60 Twisting crunche's
100 Crunche's
10 Leg Raise's on Ab board or bench

The Quadracep's
Leg Extension's
Leg Curl's (Hamstring's)

The Calve's
Single leg calve raises
Seated raise's with barbell

The Back
Bent Over Rowing
Dead Lifts
Good Mornings
Dumbell Shrugs

The ForeArms
Reverse Barbell Curl's
Forearm Curls with Dumbell

I do 3 set's of each excercise with my rep range at 6-8, although I am going to increase this to 8-10. I rst about 90 seconds inbetween set's and about 2-4 minute's in between cycle's.

Posted by Fighter

On abs i would add v-ups and stomach vacuums, add both vertical and normal leg presses to your quads, for back wide grip pull downs and close grip chins, forearms look ok. This is my own opinion of what i would do there are guys on here who could be more accurate on what you need to do.

Posted by Billy

Bro...hav you heard of muscle confusion? you dont want to stick to the same routine that long. i switch after 2 months tops, usually 1 month!

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