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Maintaining motivation to workout

Posted by Griever

I was wondering as some of you have been doing this for a long time (I've only been doing serious training for 6 months) I just want to know what it is that keeps you motivated. As there is a lot of self-consciousness and disappointement involved. Like when you work really hard and you don't notice any improvements. But anyway i just want to know what keeps you interested for so long. (I'm starting to lose motivation myself but i'm still doing it and i want to stay interested) You must have had the same feelings once or twice, so what kept you going?

Posted by Matt

If you want to be more motivated, think more positive, be happier, etc. You have to read the book Dianetics, it really works!

Posted by Jeff

Yo. I just started weight lifting, and the thing that got me motivated was watching "Pumping Iron" with Arnold. I see him, and I see all the girls. Those guys must get so much play. I also motivate myself by saying that I have to discipline myself. I want to be able to take off my shirt and walk around comfortably. I wanna be proud of my body. I know as soon as I get the body I want all I'm gonna wear is tight skin designer shirts showin off my bod. Hope this helps. Peace.

Posted by SlowTwitch

Videos like Pumping Iron, books, magazines all very motivating.

Looking in the mirror and seeing my progress and weaknesses very motivating.

I try and use my anger. I think about rough spots in my life and imagine myself overcoming them with the lift.

I play games with myself. Tell myself I'm the greatest thing, imagine myself to be a 400lb massive freak in the gym and this motivates me. It gives me the right attitude. I can't do shit when I'm down on myself. So I super compensate and for an hour in my head I'm the greatest weight lifter/body builder who ever lived.

I think about a girl who checked me out recently and how good that felt.

I think about the incredible burn and pump I got training last night and how incredibly awesome it felt and how if for that reason alone I keep on doing this over and over.

When I start to feel my motivation going out the window sometimes I just go through the motions. If that doesn't get me over the hump I take a day off and watch the videos, read the books. Usually after that I can't wait to get back to it.

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