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Making protein shakes taste better

Posted by JT

I take Vanilla GNC brand protein shakes and they aren't so good. I put two scoops with milk and when I drink it, it makes we want to throw up. Can anyone tell me something that will make it taste better? Any suggestions will help. Thanks

Posted by Bigjee

Don't put milk with your protein because the lactose will raise your absorption time...try putting bananas or fruit juice...if it doesn't work ask your gym owner about some good recipes, they usually have plenty...I drink my protein only with water and with straight juice I just don't think about the taste...

Posted by voidware

I use pure whey shakes so i am not concerned with absorbtion time (in fact, i've even heard that pure whey can be absorbed too fast to be useful). I put my vanilla whey, milk, a few ice cubes, and some frozen juice concentrate for taste. Blend that sucker up. my favorite is limeaid concentrate (you know the stuff you use to make margaritas). it works well and usually tastes ok.

Posted by Revenge

Use fruit if it is vanilla I put a bananna in mine. The vanilla ones suck get chocolate next time.

Posted by Justin

Try blending 5-6 frozen strawberries,5-6 ice cubes, 2 t sp cherry cool aid powder, 1 t sp lemonade crystal light powder, .5 cup pineapple juice, and .5 cup sunny D. It is about an extra 250 cal. and takes about 3 minutes to make. Will make dog piss taste good.

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