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My ketogenic diet experience

Posted by Teenmuscle

I started a ketonic diet three days ago. I eat all protien and fat with very little carbs (under 30 grams). I have always lived on carbs like cereal and bread so it is a big change for me. Anyways, already I have lost two pounds. Most of it has got to be water, however. The second day I had to pee 5 times in a four hour period, it's crazy. I haven't noticed much loss of energy but I am getting real hungry for some carbs. My abs are finally starting to come out. It is still too early to tell if I am losing muscle and I hope I will keep the fat off once I start eating carbs again. So far so good.

Oh, it is extremely important that you are still eating alot on this diet. The idea is that you want to replace all the carbs that you would normally eat with lots of protein and some fat. So you don't feel hungry at all. Also, eat dark green, fibrous vegetables.

Posted by Sd

I've heard mixed reviews on the keto diet. the board on elitefitness.com talks a lot about it as if its some sort of miracle. i think its probably somewhat unhealthy, but some of those people over there who are very knowledgable (PHD types) dont seem to think so.

Posted by Nick

Lotta debate on it. I'm a fighter who trains daily, so my performance is top priority. I can't afford the energy loss.

Posted by Dreamer

My Doctor, along with several other Doctors and nurses I have spoke with about the keto diet say it is very Dangerous and VERY bad for your kidneys. Not worth the risk if you ask me.

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