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No carbs after 3pm

Posted by Griever

I just read a post which told someone not to eat any carbs after 2-3pm. (He was trying to cut up his abs). I was just wondering, as my workout finishes at around 8pm (only real time to do it.) When do you think that i should eat my carbs? Thanks a lot.

Posted by Billy

My theory is to eat as little carbs as possible, my diet consists of mainly protein, and healthy fats. I run in the AM so when im finished i eat a small amount of simple carbs, like apple or orange juice along with my protein shake to replace my spent gylcogen levels. As i eat through out the day i tend to eat less and less carbs, because i feel that i will burn these off during my daily activities, and since i workout around 3:30 i try to eat some complex carbs around 2 along with some protein to give me a little energy for my lifting. After i lift i eat only protein and fats, with hardly any carbs at all. So for your situation 8 is a little late, but i would eat carbs (no more than 35 -45 grams) around 5:00 and thats it, no more. try it, see how many carbs you can restrict yourself too, i found 85 to 100 is all i need daily, the less carbs you eat the harder your body will become. Also dont be afraid to eat fat, i love natural peanut butter, i eat almost 1/4 pound daily, when i did this is when i first started to see real good rips. When your body sees its getting a good supply of fat (the healthy kind, stay away from sat. fat), it feels it doesnt need to hang onto it so it strips off really easy. Hope this helps email me or reply to this message if you have any other questions.

Posted by Griever

Thnax a lot Billy. I really apreciate you taking your time to answer my question.

But i do have one question just to clarrify. Would i be better off eating all the fat i need and only eat carbs when i have to. (Before the workout etc). And if so how much fat should i eat? And i also heard that lowering your carbs will reduce your metabolism. Is that true? If so how do you get around it?

Thanks again. I really do apreciate it.

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