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Protein shake best bang for your buck

Posted by Audio

I looked around at various sports nutrition stores for a protien shake that delivers a good amount of protien in a reasonable serving, and at a reasonable price. A lot of them require that you mix 1/2 cup of powder for a serving, which is quite ridiculous. You're buying a big 1Gal container that only delivers 20 servings. Needless to say, this can get pretty expensive after a while. Anyway, I was just wondering what Protien shake out there gives you the most bang for your buck. Thanks...

Btw, I'm not taking taste into consideration. With a little experimentation, any shake can be made to taste good.

Posted by Smith

The cheapest protein drink made by a major manufacturer is USUALLY "Perfect Rx" by the company that makes Isopure. You can usually find them for about $1.50 per serving or less. I have personally never used it. You can also find good prices on supplements at Walmart. Here are some online store that I have used and find their prices to be generally lower than the competition.

Posted by Wayne

I Love the Deseigner Chocolate Protein powder...the are really good, but that is all that I have tried....So I really can't compare. They are 40 servings for $44.oo Canadian minus your 20% discount at GNC. That works out to $36 and change.

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