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Protein shake without protein powder

Posted by Junior


Im away from home on a vactaion and I have another week left. I brought protein powder with me but I ran out 2 days ago. Im wondering if anyone has a recipe for a protein shake that does not require any powder.

Some of my thoughts have been something with milk, yogurt, & fruits. Anyone else have a idea? Thanks

Posted by Oldfart

If you are desperate and are not in the jungle, go to the baby food section. All predigested and ready for the blender. Add to the yogurt and milk shake. You don't need anymore sugar (fruit). Good luck and enjoy your vacation.

Posted by Burban

Why don't you just go the store and buy some more protein powder? i think it would be better then eating that baby shit.

Posted by BigPapa

Here's one straight from Arnold himself. 2 cups milk, 1/3 cup cottage cheese, dash of vanilla for flavor. Personally I'd use suger free jello in place of the vanilla but you get the idea.

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