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Quick high protein breakfast ideas

Posted by Al

Whey cool breakfast!!!!!

Iwas makin my shake this mornin (lowfat milk and simply pro by EAS) and i got an idea. why not just put the shake in my bowl of weaties to cut down the carbs. so i went through with my insane idea, and it was delicious. i figure about 40 carbs, 35 protein, and a few grams of fat, not too bad. give it a try for a new twist.....

Posted by Sd

Good idea. ive actually dont that before just for the hell of it, but it never occurred to me that it would cut down on carbs. ive noticed you can put whey into just about every breakfast food. my favorite creation is probably vanilla whey in cream of wheat or oatmeal. both are like extremely filling and reasonably good for you.

Posted by Bigphat

Done it before too...havnt been eating carbs latly though ..if i run out of milk i use anything water with powder and protien...oj, even diet coke..anyelse tried this? also diet snapple and whey tastes good.

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