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Raw eggs in protein shakes is it safe

Posted by Moeshodan

Does anybody use raw egg whites in the protein shakes? I do for an extra kick of real protien. Usually about 3 white. Anyone else???

Posted by Paul

I have eaten raw eggs and have never had andy problems, but some people say that raw eggs may contain Salmonella bacteria so they recomend that be heated to at temperature of 155 F for 15 seconds.

Posted by BigboyNasty

Make sure you have good health ins. Salmonella is active in raw eggs. I know. My brother about 13 years ago used to eat 2 raw eggs a day. He came down w/ salmonella poisening one day and laid up in the hospital for 4 days and lost over 20 pounds. When he returned to the gym he lost all the progress he made the previous 2 years. It took him 6 months to get back to where he was. So unless you're getting ready to fight Apollo Creed or Ivan Drago for a title I'd stick with the cooked eggs and powders

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