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Should I do decline bench press

Posted by Jep

My old chest routine consisted of 4 sets of incline decline and flat.

After being told that i was overtraining i warm up w/ 35 pushups and then do 3 sets of flat and incline.

I have 2 questions:

1)If i already warmed up and then did 3 sets of flat bench, do i still have to warm up w/ a light weight to do incline bench(for my first set i usually do a weight that I can do ten reps with.)

2)I do not want to have a big gay in the bottom of my chest and i want to incorporate decline bech into my chest routine. Should I add 2 or 3 sets of decline bech to my routine?

If anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it.

Posted by Alex

Hey, Jep, first of all i don't think that any of us here would like to have a big gay on our chest... no man, just joking with you, everybody mistypes stuff..this was just very funny.

i think that you should not think too much about incorporating decline movements (i do not think that they are that great) but that you should use an isolation exercise for chest, like flyes or machine flyes.

try this program:

flat bench press: 10,8,6,4
incline dumbbell presses: 10,8,6
machine flyes: 12,10,8

i hope that i was able to help you

Posted by Paul

Here is what I do that works every area of the chest, it's based on high intensity training like that used by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.

Bench press for middle chest
Incline bench for upper chest
Dips for lower chest
Dumbbell fly or pec deck for outer and inner chest

I do only one hard set each, and man my chest is huge after the workout!

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