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Should I eat before lifting weights

Posted by Otr

Now i do some cardio and abs and forearms in am. want to burn fat. 3 times a week. then i eat and work out later. but.... somedays with work i lift early in am, like 7am. i go to gym without eating. to burn a little calories. i feel i have enough stored energy, fat, to go ahead a lift this way. then, i creatine and eat big healthy breakfast. can i lift in am without eating first??? help

Posted by Nick

There's a lot of debate about how cardio and workouts on an empty stomach may not be the cureall fat burner. For regular people it's fine, but for bodybuilders/performance athletes, it may be catabolic and therefore counterproductive. I've found that if I workout first thing in the morning (training NHB or cardio or weights), I feel like shit. I usually wake up an hour or so early and have a protein shake and a light carb snack (an apple or pear) to get some fuel...

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