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Should you eat egg yolks or not

Posted by Griever

This may sound like a stupid quetsion to all of you but i'm going to ask it anyway. Why don't people eat the yolk of an egg? Is it because the egg has the most fat or Cholesterol. It's just that a whole egg that i buy has 9.8g of protein in it. And in a website i saw the yolk of the egg holds 5/8 of the protien in it.

Posted by Pakiz

Its because of the Cholesterol i think. Imagine eating 5 whole eggs per day... thats too much cholesterol But i dont care and i eat the whole egg and drink lots of skimmed milk

Posted by BigboyNasty

There is cholesterol in it, but I read there are certain vitamins in that part also.

Posted by Griever

What bad vitamins in it? And does the egg white contain any cholesteral or is it just the yolk.

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