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Six pack abs are overrated

Posted by Live4IRON

Enough with the six pack craze.....

Just a beef of mine, but I've had it with the 'six pack' main goal of lifting; preferably fast, for the summer, to get chicks.

Whatever happened to barndoor shoulders, massive pecs, cannonball delts and bi's and redwood quads?

Putting it too simply,...but for argument, there's two parts to train...the legs and the upper body.

Big shoulders, traps, and upper chest; that all ties in together for good chest development; that's a higher priority for me than a 'six pack'. I've got the verticle line from the upper pecs on down; that's good enough for me for now. Build from the neck down; not the abs UP.

I know most of you guys are working on the whole package; including the 'six pack' I'm just ready for the 'abs' craze to die down.

Just my 2cents

Posted by BigboyNasty

men bro! I'm married and my wife don't give a damn if I have a little flab on the gut so I'm going for pipes, boulders and chest and treetrunks!!!

Posted by BigPapa

I agree on the whole ab thing. There are monthly magazines devoted to the subject for God sakes. I atempted crunches the other night and now I'm so sore I can't sleep at night! I dont mind the pain anywhere else, that makes me feel like I worked hard and hit the right areas, but this doing crunches crap aint gonna fly. Im also married and my wife could care less. So to hell with the abs.

Posted by SlowTwitch

Ever see those skinny kids that live in the housing projects and play outside shirtless in the summer? Every one of them has a 'six pack'

I train abs religiously. But only low BF is going to expose them.

My goals are like y'alls. I want to be big and strong. Ab strength helps with stability, protecting the back, etc... so I think it is important.

I have no desire to have the 'see through skin' of pro competitive bb's. But, I do think it would be very cool to have a BF low enough someday to reveal them.

Just my 2 cents.

Posted by BigboyNasty

No doubt I do abs twicw a week, but I'm not gonna eat chicken and tuna 'til I puke to get a six pack. It ain't worth it to be miserable. I've seen guys when we go out for pizza or something bring their own little kit of tuna and rice to the restaurant just so they can get abs and they fail 96% of the time. SCREW THAT!!! I don't have a gut I have a little line that runs down the middle of my stomach so that's good enough for me. Heck vry few 30 year old men can say that. I'll do abs, avoid eating everything fattening and keep in good cardio shape, but I won't obsess over something that's almost impossible to keep after 25. Besides women like to look at abs, but they'll love a man more that takes the leadership in the home, that helps w/ the kids, fixes things that needs fixin', and being there for them. I saw a poll that said that women like pecs the best anyway.

Posted by Roarty

Shit... you mean to tell me, I spent the last 4 months getting abs.. and now they are going out of style? shit... oh well.. better start working on the 2 liter instead

Just kidding.. I only have about 8 or so pounds too loose until my abs are real nice.. And I think I am gonna do it. Just to show that I have the determination and the desire... and comeone guys... having a nice 6 pac does kinda kick ass on the beach.

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