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Steroids and sex

Posted by Tomi

I'm not a steroid user but my boyfriend is. he suggested i go on the internet and learn what i can about it. anyway, today we had a serious discussion about our relationship. lately he has been really distant and doesn't want to be around me. he told me tonight that it is because when he gets around me that i make him feel uncomfortable especially when sex comes up. he told me that it was like trying to have sex when you are raging mad. well a lot of the things i have read say that normally the exact opposite happens. i'm not sure what to do, and what i want to know is... is this normal? have any of you tried carrying on a relationship while on dianabol? is there any chance that things will go back to normal when he comes off? help!!!!

Posted by Bigger is better

Yes when i cycle my girl and i are not as close sometimes and i always like sex when i am cycling. however i never rage or get mad ever. just give him some time and things will get better. is he just taking d-bol alone or is he stacking it with somethig else??

Posted by Wan2grow

I'm nearly finished a D/Bol cycle and no probs with my gf atall. It's down to the person, not the roids. They can make it a little _easier_ to lose your temper, show an attitude etc but they don't create it, it's all down to self control. Wait and see what he's like when he's off, and if you want him to ever get it up again, make sure he sticks some Clomid in his ass after the course.

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