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Testosterone and testicular shrinkage

Posted by Dwg

I am considering testosterone injection bi-weekly therapy of 200mg. I have read that it can cause the testicles to atrophy. Does anyone know for sure and if it does, is it permanent?

Posted by Smith

I just started AndroGel testerone gel because my doctor says my testosterone count is too low. The dosage is 5 grams of test. per day. I didn't read anything in the scientific literature which comes with the product that says testerone therapy causes any physical changes to your testicles......

Posted by Bullrider

Testosterone replacement therapy is not the same as taking anabolic androgenic steroids. Not if it's administered and monitored by a physician. If you're going to self-administer, however, you're on your own.

If you need hrt, your body is not producing enough test. naturally. When a guy who produces enough test. naturally starts taking aas, the feedback mechanism tells the testes to stop producing test. That's the reason they atrophy. It's not the same situation in the case of physician administered hrt.

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