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Twice a week workout schedule

Posted by Chuck

Hi guys, I know I haven't posted for a while but I think I'm gonna start lifting this summer. How can I split my muscle groups into two days? I'm planning to go light on legs(Bad Knees). Anyways if you guys could tell me whether to go with the push/pull thing or what?

Posted by BigPapa

I dont know if this is exactly what your after, but I followed a one day on one off split that was basicly laid out in the Dorian Yates "Blood and Guts" book. I started it when I returned to serious lifting and stuck at it about a year. It gave me a good start and great gains. Keep in mind though that I'm naturally large, so I dont know what will happen with you. Alot will depend on diet and all that. But anyway....here it is.

Day 1: Chest(two or three movements) I did flat bench and incline bench, and would vary it by using dumbells sometimes instead of barbells. Also would do declines every other time.

Back: -Bar rows, bent over rows, deadlifts..etc. Three movements mandatory for the back.

Triceps: I always liked pushdowns, closegrip bench, and dumbell extentions.

DAY 2: Rest.

Day 3: legs, shoulders, biceps. Just basic movements on all these. 2 to 3 sets per bodypart, low to med. reps, with heavy weight. As to your legs, just train em how you feel. If you can't go heavy, then do what you can do. after day 3, I'd take a two day break before hitting it again. Hope this helps.

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