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Underactive thyroid slow weight loss

Posted by ImNice

I have been dieting and working out hard for the past 2 months and have only lost 3 lbs something is not right i think i might have a thyroid problem . i you know anything about this or have some tips please let me know . thanx

Posted by Big Al

How overweight are you? What do you eat in a day. What does your workout consist of?

Posted by ImNice

I eat low carbs , low fat ,cut back on many foods and stopped drinking alot. Oh yeh cardio 5xs a wk for 20 - 40min plus wights

Posted by Paul

You should see a doctor and get your thyroid checked. Also just weight loss by the scale is not as good a way to track progress as checking you bodyfat percentage, you could be building muscle and losing fat at the same time.

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