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Weight gain after carb loading

Posted by Tyler

I'm freeeeakin ouuuut!!!

Since november of last year i have pretty much been doing a straight high protein, low carb, moderate fat diet....and had done ok with it. I also did a couple of dnp cycles during that time and i managed to get down to 180. Well after having stalled for quite some time on my weight loss and hearing so much about the benefits of a carb up...i decided to have my first carb up ever on Sunday. I ate high carbs...low protein and low fat. Well today, Tuesday, i got on the scale and i found out that i went up 10 whole pds on it!!! Man im freakin out....does this mean that i gained that much fat during the carb up...or wat???im freakin out cuz i thought that the carb up would help me out...but i didnt think i was gonna get fat from it!!! Please let me know wat you all think is goin on bros...or wat i am doing wrong....!!

Posted by Tenacious J

Hold on a second, don't freak out just yet! Lets think about this...I find it hard to belive that you gained 10lbs of fat in three days, are you sure you haven't just forgoten to take a crap in three days??

Serioulsy though, what probably happened is that your body is taking advantage of this influx of carbs that it hasn't seen in a long time and is storing alot of it as glycogen and intramuscular fats. If this is the case than you will notice a couple of things

1) your muscle appear thicker and fuller

2) you've got MAD energy during your workouts

After 3 days you've probably reached the point were you will start getting fat if you keep eating too many carbs.

If this isn't the case, and you can actually see 10lbs of fat hanging off your abs like a bowl of jello stuck to a wall, them you've got me stumped!

Posted by Bigjee

Tyler, Tenacious J is right it's physicaly impossible to gain 10 pounds in 3 days!! Maybe you just didn't weight in at the same period of the day, if you normally do it first thing in the morning and then decided to do it right after your training and your big carbs meal you could have gained a couple of pounds but never 10 pounds man...check your weight back tomorow...

Posted by Nick

After a torrid cutting session for a Friday morning weigh-in at 175, it is not uncommon for certain fighters to put on at LEAST 7lbs of water weight. Tito Ortiz is the master of this, as he's done no less than 12lbs before. Some use IV's (saline solution) to gain the water back while others like myself can guzzle it.

The point of your post is unclear because I don't know your b/f percentages. The scale isn't much of a meter. I'd guess it was water weight or you weighing yourself at a different time of day. When I first wake up, I'm about 175. By evening, I'm easily 180 with 4 lbs of that being water.

Posted by Bullrider

Don't pay any attention to the scale. After having gone for so long with low carbs, your muscles gave up all their glycogen. In carbing up, water binds to the carb and is stored. Muscle is 73% water. You refilled your glycogen and water stores, and stored some excess water. The excess water will go away.

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