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What are carbs good for

Posted by Griever

What are carbs actually for?

I was wondering what they are for apart from giving us high amounts of energy, what else do they do? Because people were saying that they should go on a low carb diet. And also never to eat carbs before a workout only after. Why? Why should we eat them?

Posted by Srd

Carbs are useful for a number of other things including helping to keep your metabolic rate at a steady high rate, if they are eaten regularly. Dont recommend low carb diet ( unless spec circumstances) Carbs also aid in the absorption of other nutrients eg protein. Carbs before a workout may bloat you, and may cause an insulin response which works against adrenalin - which is a desired hormone whilst training. Hope this helps

Posted by BigboyNasty

you need carbs if you're bulking or strengthening up. If you try this type of workout w/o being carbed up during the day you'll be weak as heck.

Posted by Griever

Thanks for your replies. One more question though. So if i wanted to really bulk up, should i eat lots of carbs. But if i do then would i gain any fat or would it just be muscle? Thanx again.

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