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What foods to eat to gain muscle

Posted by DelBoy

What foods have calories????

Alright lads, I'm starting my first mass gain workout cycle and there's one thing I'm unsure of and thats what kind of food is the best for getting in as much calories as possible. Can you help??

Posted by Musclehead

I think your best bet is this... Lots of meat like chicken, fish, some red meat. Try getting some simple sugars (fruit). And plenty of complex carbohydrates( whole grain products). Most important is protein. Maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 - 300 grams per day. It's hard to choke down that much, but protein is neccessary. You should eat small meals all day long. Don't let yourself get hungry. If you do, it means your body is in a potentially catabolic state, and it could start to use it's own muscle as a source of protein. And that would kinda defeat the purpose.

Posted by Bigfat

Well if your just interested in calories and not keeping a clean diet.. id say weightgainers and fast food..like a number 3 supersize with a large milkshake...

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