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What happens to excess protein in your body

Posted by Bigbadad

Excess protein, is it wasted?

I've heard from many different sources that your body can only digest a certain amount of protein per hour but the figures i have range from 24g to 40g!!! Does anyone know the real figure?????

Posted by Sd

I've read 35g........some say more, but I think anymore than that would wreak havoc on your GI track.

Posted by Rook

You would think that lean mass had something to do with it, a 150 pound beginner would not need as much protein as a 265 pro bodybuilder. I follow the rule of 1 gram of protein for each pound of lean body weight, then devide that over 5 or 6 meals for the day.

Posted by BigboyNasty

Depends on your diet. If your cutting carbs then 50-55 can be useful as your muscles will use alot of it for repair and your body will use the rest as an energy source since it can't recruit that many carbs for energy..

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