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What muscle gives you a v shape

Posted by Andrew

What is it that really gives you a strong v-shaped form. Cos the v-shape looks really good. Should i concentrate on Lats or chest or lower chest. Any really good excersises for the muscle group you think?

Posted by Mason

The Lats is what gives you the V-shape. One basic movement that works well is just simple pull-ups. I work them into my back routines and love it. You need overall body conditioning to make your entire body flow together. Some people works shoulders hard to give a broader appearence to enhance the V shape. Just make sure you put in good quality workout and after a few months you will notice a big difference in shape and self confidence.

Posted by Smith

To get a V Shape is very tough. The top of the "V" is your shoulders. They must be broad and built. Next down are the lats. You must work them hard to make them flare out. Your chest must be developed too. And finally, your waist must be narrow from eating properly. Theres a lot of muscle groups that go into the V shape. And to be honest, it's quite tough to achieve. There are some humongous dudes in my gym, but they are more "rectangular." Other than magazines, of course, I don't see too many people who have the V shape naturally without posing.

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