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What to eat and when to gain muscle

Posted by Nast

Hey i have been reading about fitness and working out and i guess having a good diet has alot to do with working out so i just want to know whats is a good diet??....like what to eat and how much of it etc... i am new to working out and i have no idea what i should be having and what i shouldnt be having...so could somebody plz tell me whats a good diet- thanks

Posted by Woman4weights

Im also new to the weight, diets, supplements, etc. What works for me might work for you or not. I eat 1 can of tuna with mayo every three to four hours (Star Light white chunk Low Sodium has omly 35mg * 2.5 servings). Drink lots of water. I drink about 8 16 ounce cups a day. Turkey or Chicken with Lettece & Tomatoe salad (Look for Zero to no Carbohydrate & sugar dressing). Cottage cheese with tuna or turkey in the morning "I can't eat oatmeal without sugar it just doesn't taste good but I'm told its good for you". A new product called "All whites" which is egg whites in a carton found in supermarkets next to the eggs. Each carton contains 50grams of whey protein wioth no carbs, sugars, fat. Exercise 30-45 minutes a day (Advance Tai Bo, etc..) f__k 2-3 times a week. You want quick results you don't want to give yourself enough time to think your hard time and effort with dieting and supplementation is not paying of. Other feedback from other members always help.

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