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What to eat before going to the gym

Posted by Larry

I tend to workout at 5:00 PM, just coming off of work. I cant workout on an empty stomach, because I just get tired too fast. What should I eat before I hit the gym? A carb, protein or a combination of the two.

Any sample meals you guys eat before hitting the gym?

A real stupid question, how long should I wait before I lift after eating? (reminds me of my parents telling me to wait 30 minutes to go swimming after eating)

Posted by McVolt

I used to workout at about the same time and I liked to eat a banana and a protein shake about 45 min before I was lifting. That was me, though. Experiment with different foods and times. Does your body work better off a higher glycemic, simple carb closer to your workout or a lower glycemic, complex carb a bit farther away? Check it out. Peace

Posted by Bigjee

Eat slow carbs with protein 2 hours before working out...

Slow Carbs :

Rye bread
Brown Rice
Shredded Wheat
Sweet potatoes
Red potatoes

Posted by Oldfart

I also w/o at 5pm every evening. The best thing you can do for yourself, is to make sure you take advantage of all your other meals during the day prior to working out. Then, you can decide by 3:30-4pm if you are really hungry or just want something to kickstart your workout. If you are really hungry have a bowl of oats with a simple carb (applesauce, bananas, raisins). Something high on the glycemic index and something low on the index. I like Met-rx and usually have one around 4pm with a couple scoopes of glutamine. A cup of coffee and see ya later. Do a little experimenting and see what works for you. Post your results in the future and everyone learns a little something. thanks and much luck.

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