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What to put on toast besides butter

Posted by Live4IRON

What's ok to put on toast?

I like toast....but I'd like to get away from margarine, butter, peanut butter; I don't use much, but would like to get away from it entirely .....any healthful easy ideas? & no, NOT TUNA!

Posted by Mike

I lovvvve toast dude, with this good whole wheat bread, like 5grams of protein per slice! Can't beat that, and I always use jelly, just enough to cover it a little bit, not gooped on....great breakfast with some milk or a shake.

Posted by Wan2grow

Another good one is eggy bread (aka jipsy toast) Beat a few eggs with a little milk, soak a piece of bread in it then fry it. Once nicely done sprinkle on cinnamon. Very healthy and it tastes soooo good!

Posted by Bigjee

Instead of Peanut butter, try Almond butter, it contains less fat (and good one instead of bad one) and still have lots of protein in it...you can normally find it at "nature store" or "vegetarian store". Don't be surprised it's a bit more costly and the taste is a bit more dry (no smoothing agents added) but it's surely worth it!

Posted by Nick

Fat free cream cheese...Butter Buds...low fat mayonase...

Posted by Bulldog

I use spray butter. It comes in a yellow bottle with a blue top. It has 0 calories, 0 fat and 0 carbs. Tastes just like real butter too. Then I put cinamin on it.

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