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When to eat simple carbs and complex carbs

Posted by Greg

Can somone clear this up for me?

Okay, I just got done some good reading about carbs GI ratings and stuff. I now know what a GI rating is.

I also know that due to the fact that they raise your insulen level it is better to eat "simple" carbs (ones with a high GI) postworkout.

I usually get around 70 carbs postworkout. My only question is what about the other 250 carbs I get a day. Is there a time when I should have simple ones and a time of day when I should complex ones? I am assuming that I should eat mostly complex carbs (with a low GI) throughout the day because there is no need to raise my insulin level other than post workout.

Am I right? I'd appreciate if somone would clear this up then I will be all set with my diet.


Posted by Oldfart

All carbohydrates have an effect on insulin levels. The GI index is based on the speed at which carbs will raise your insulin levels. The simplier the carb, the quicker the effect. There is a great advantage to mixing a low index carb with a high index carb at the same meal. Preworkout is one of them. Running long distance or swimming are others. You need fuel metabolising into energy over a long period of time to get you through your workout. Oatmeal is a good complex carb to do this. Now we need something in our blood that says START. So we add a bunch of applesauce with a (bam) of cinnamon and away we go. The applesauce starts breaking down immediately and when it's through the oats are starting to breakdown and go for the long run. Find other carbs to mix. Lets see what you can come up with. Also, this is one time to leave the protein for another time. Do not mix with the carbs. Hope this was some help.

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