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When to take Dianabol

Posted by Liquido

Dianabol question boyzzz

Hi, i just bought a 200 dianabol tabs but i've never worked out before, is it wise to start taking the dbols immediately when I start working out, or should I train natural a few weeks first??


Posted by Mhr

Try training a few years first!

Posted by Jack

I hope this is a joke. If not; listen up. If you have no idea what you're doin youre effin around with a dangerous AS to begin with. Take your ass over to the drug board and READ READ READ. You should'nt start using UNTIL you have a WELL established workout routine. You have to know your body and how it reacts. If you don't the strain of being new to it and using dbols could f-ck you up, NO B.S. Plus that stuff is really hard on your liver. This is dangerous stuff, man. Please do some research before you go off half-cocked and hurt yourself and/or waste your gear. Go to the drug board, read, use the search function look up dbols, and any other ques you have BEFORE you ever swallow one of those pills. Good luck

Posted by Brian

Excellent advice Jack. Liquido, you should see what your natural capabilities are before you gear up. You may find that you are satisfied with the results of just training right, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep.

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