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Where to get cheap dumbbells

Posted by BigPapa

Anyone know of a supplier where I can get cheap dumbells. I only train at home and would like to have more fixed DBs, but around here they're mega expensive. havent found much better on the net either. I'd be happy with used ones as well.

Posted by Live4IRON

Play it Again Sports is on the web....they handle used and new equipment 550 stores in US. Don't know if they're cheap. If you're in a larger metro area...try looking in the newspaper want ads ...sporting goods. Seems years ago I'd heard of making weights/dumbbells out of railroad cars wheels.

Posted by SlowTwitch

Those automatic ones, http://www.quickdumbells.com/ - its two square dumbells and you move a pin or something to select the weight, the unused weight stays behind in the stand.

Probably cheaper than buying a whole set of regular ones, and a lot easier to store.

I live in a studio in NYC and was thinking about getting a pair

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