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Will skim milk keep me from losing fat

Posted by Mitch

I am on a moderate high protein, low fat, low carb diet. I drink plenty of water when I'm at the gym or doing cardio, but I find myself just drinking skim milk when I'm at home. I drink about a gallon a day. Is drinking alot of skim milk going to keep me from losing fat because of the calories?

Posted by Dontblink

To tell you the truth, About a year or so ago I broke my arm. I asked the doctor about drinking milk to help it heal faster. He told me after your early teen years milk will turn to fat in your system. Then it becomes harder to burn off. So less you down the better. Try downing the water bro. Just a thought for you.

Posted by Smith

Skim milk is a good source of fat free protein. Your only concern should be: eating too many calories OVERALL can cause you to gain fat also. However, skim milk is as good a low fat protein as any other out there.

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