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Xenadrine sweating and fat loss

Posted by Roarty

I wake up, have a couple of xenadrine, then 30 min I run. Ok.. so far, Im doing great, I then run for 40 to 45 min. (I am trying to burn some fat) the thing I am wondering is when I finish my run, I am not overly tired, or gasping for air, Im just DRENCHED! Like I mean for real, I can acctually squeeze the sweat outa my shirt like ive jumped in the pool, no lie. I run about 4 times a week, and keep my calories moderate and add in 4 days of lifting aswell. i am only losing fat, cause I am getting stronger. But does anyone have this with xenadrine? that they get just DRENCHED?

Posted by Chesta

You are not alone Roarty! I know exactly what you are talking about. I take Xenadrine too. I drink about a gallon and a half of water a day and I sweat my ass off! I am a powerlifter and I do no sort of marathon type training and I sweat like it's fuckin' cool! But I also like to run either in the early morning time or at night and it feels like I jumped in a pool when I get finished running. I run a 2-3 miles on hills 2-3 times a week 'cause I do a 5k run every 3 months, so I train for them also. But I also get cotton mouth while and after running! Boy my mouth is raw! I've done some research and the caffeine that is in Xen. acts as a dehydrator and can suck up a lot of your body's fluids. Not to mention acts as quick stimulant to get the body going. The ephedrine is also a bronchial stimulator in Xen. and can make your body keep going and going and going! It opens your bronchial tubes to recieve more oxygen during activities like running, therefore, increasing work capacity, and as a result, sweat all over the place, regardless of the physical activity. It triggers substances in the body that make a person sweat profusely while doing rigorous activity.

Posted by Bulldog

Xenadrine is a thermogenic so it up's your bodies temperature in orderto burn more calories. That' why you sweat so much. I just stopped using it but when I was I would sweat all day, even just siting at the computer or something like that.

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