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Annie Lynn Klepacki

Beautiful Female Bodybuilder

annie lynn klepackig
Annie Lynn Klepacki

Annie Lynn Klepacki has been bodybuilding for seven years and competing for five years. Her noted accomplishments include:

1997 Women's Extravaganza - 3rd Heavyweight

1997 NPC New York State Championship (Pace University) - 2nd Heavyweight

1998 NABBA Keystone Classic - 1st Heavyweight

1998 NPC Lehigh Valley - 1st Heavyweight

1998 NPC NY Grand Prix - 1st Heavyweight and Overall

2001 NPC Jan Tana - 2nd Heavyweight

Annie is planning on competing again this year.

She has only been in NY for one year. As a Delaware native, she produced, co-hosted and served as advertising director for "Muscle Fitness Forum TV Show." The show aired in Delaware and surrounding areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She also was co-editor of "Muscle Fitness Forum Digest", a monthly newsletter supporting local athletes.

Annie has been featured in FLEX magazine and Women's Physique World. She has used her size and beauty as a character in East Coast Wresting and has appeared with Mick Foley (Mankind). She has been a positive spokesperson for women's bodybuilding, having made guest appearances on both 610 WIP and Y100 radio programs in Philadelphia.

Through NY MuscleSport TV Show, Annie plans to continue promoting Men's and Women's competitive bodybuilding , and hopes to give exposure to local muscle athletes.

Annie is also a full time Nursing student a Dutchess Community College participating in her second clinical rotation at St. Francis Hospital. She will be graduating as a Registered Nurse in two semesters. Having already earned her BA in Sociology & Education degree through the University of Delaware. Annie is serving the community by working as a substitute teacher with the Poughkeepsie School District.

Visit her website at http://members.tripod.com/annie_lynn/

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