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Kimberly Rogers

Female Bodybuilder and Jade American Gladiator

jade american gladiator
Kimberly "Jade" Rogers

My name is Kimberly "Jade" Rogers, former American Gladiator and National Level Bodybuilding Competitor. I was raised in the small town of Elkton, Maryland. In 1987, upon graduation from high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Army for a period of six years to earn money for my college education. I became involved in the sport of bodybuilding while in the Army, competed in a few small shows and ended my tour of duty in September, 1993.

My breakthrough year in bodybuilding was in 1994. Competing at a weight of 143 pounds, I won 5 titles over 4 consecutive weekends. The highlight of my 1994 season was winning the NPC Delaware State Championship.

In 1995, at a weight of 151 pounds, I competed in 6 shows over 5 consecutive weekends. The highlights were a 2nd straight NPC Delaware State title, the NPC Collegiate National Heavyweight title, a 3rd place at the NPC Jr Nationals and a respectable 9th place finish at the always competitive NPC USA.

In May of 1996, 4 weeks out from the NPC Jr Nationals, I tried out to be a contender on the popular television show, American Gladiators. Weighing 160 pounds and crushing the other potential contenders, I was hired to be Jade, the newest American Gladiator. This was definitely the highlight of my life and career. The show was cancelled after three years, so I decided to continue my bodybuilding career. In April 2002, weighing in at 153 pounds, I won the heavyweight title at the NPC Jr USA that was held in Philadelphia, PA. At 34 years of age, I am more motivated than ever.

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