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Best Bulking Foods

Best Foods to Eat for Bulking Up

There is a common misconception that bulking involves eating as much as you can and whatever you can to fill out as quickly as possible. As a result, some bodybuilders give themselves free reign to gobble up junk foods with high sugar and fat content. This is called dirty bulking. While you may achieve what you want quickly, dirty bulking will leave your body with declining health and you stand the risk of taking on more fat than you intended.

You can still bulk effectively through a proper training program and taking on calories from the right foods. Here are 5 great bulking foods to boost lean muscle growth.


Nuts are packed full of healthy fats and proteins, making them an essential for any bulking diet. They are also energy dense, giving you the fuel you need for your training. In addition to all these, nuts are full of healthy minerals and micronutrients that benefit your body in many ways.

Some great nuts to include in your diet include pistachios, almonds, walnut, peanuts and cashew nuts. If you cannot get nuts, nut butters are also good for bulking. Most of these butters such as peanut butter are just as healthy as the natural nuts they are made from.


This is another great protein that supplies your muscles with a healthy dose of amino acids to keep them growing. Like nuts, Salmon contains mono unsaturated fatty acids, which is another name for healthy fats. They are perfect for clean and effective bulking.

Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help reduce muscle mass breakdown after an intense training session at the gym. This ensures that even when you are working out a lot, you are not losing any muscle mass. The Omega-3 also comes with bonus benefits; they fatty acids improve joint and cardiovascular health.

Lean Beef

Red meat gets a bad rap but can be a highly effective bulking food for bodybuilders. Red meat contains a high proportion of fat and protein, two essential ingredients for muscle mass growth. It also contains a generous amount of iron, which is highly beneficial for lean muscle growth.

Lean beef contains very little saturated fat and cholesterol, making it a healthy dietary choice. Other nutrients contained in red meat include zinc, creatine, vitamin B12 and canonise. All these contribute towards muscle bulking.

Sweet Potato

Proteins are not the only super foods for bulking; carbohydrates are also essential especially when it comes to energy production. One of the best natural carbohydrates to eat is sweet potato. It's also a great food for satisfying a sweet tooth without resorting to refined sugars.


For clean bulking, complex carbohydrates such as sweet potato and whole bread are always better than simple carbs such as refined sugar. Oats are one of the best complex carbs around for bulking. A generous serving of oats will supply your body with a slow release of energy over several hours. This makes it perfect as a pre-workout grub.

Being full of fiber, oats are also good for digestion.

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