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Bodybuilding Foods on a Budget

Foods to pick up if you are Body Building on a Budget

Eating healthy is very expensive.

But, with a few sacrifices, you can still eat like a body builder without breaking your bank account.

Most people think that body building costs a lot of money, especially when it comes to nutrition. Everyone knows that when it comes to body building, nutrition is the most expensive part of any bulking program. Aside from the gym membership or setting up your own gym at home, spending on what to eat will require you to shell out more money than you previously do. Is it possible, then, to have a body builder body without spending too much on food? This article will show you how to go about your shopping when you're bulking and on a budget.

To start off, you must become a smarter shopper by making better food choices without having the need to empty your wallet.

Bulk stores offers the promise of cheaper products than your local groceries but that is not always true. Using a calculator, try to compute the items on a per portion basis and find out which store offers it cheaper. From there, you should be able to identify which items you should be buying from which store.

Now that you got the pricing down pat, you will need to decide which foods to take. The following are not necessarily the healthiest among the options but they are definitely inexpensive compared to the more nutritious ones. Therefore, these foods are something you may look into but not necessarily the ones that you SHOULD get.

For instance, a certain food may be sold fresh or frozen. The latter is always the healthier choice but, since we are also considering budget here, you may have to go with the frozen variety. Of course, fresh food is healthier because the frozen ones tend to have preservatives. However, frozen goods tend to be more affordable (depending on the market) and can last for more days before going into expiration.

No one can go wrong with chicken breasts as the staple source of protein. As mentioned above, keep in mind that frozen is cheaper than fresh so you will need to assess which option to get. Another cheaper alternative is to go for chicken thighs but you do have to take into consideration that these contain fats compared to chicken breasts.

Another welcome addition for sources of protein is canned tuna. They are a staple in any nutritional program as they are usually high in protein and some even have the low fat variety.

There is no mistaking that vegetables are a must have when it comes to eating healthy. Compared to meat, you can stock on these and buy them in bulk since it takes longer for them to expire. Again, a smart shopper will have to make the decision whether to go for the frozen or the fresh one depending on how much his or her budget allows.

For complex carbohydrates, one can't go wrong with beans. In addition to that, they have decent protein content and are low in fat. Fresh beans are definitely healthier than canned beans but they also require prior preparation and may prove tedious for those who don't have much time or don't know how to cook. If you have to go with the canned beans, make sure to pick the plain ones in order to eliminate junk your body is better off without.

Another source for protein is the family favorite peanut butter. These are also a favored among body builders not only because they have healthy fats and protein but also because they are a concentrated source of calories, which immensely aids in bulking. Go for the natural peanut butter for a healthier pick.

Who can forget about eggs? Besides making their way to become one of the most prepared foods during breakfast, they are exactly what you need to help build muscle. Any personal fitness trainer can agree to that!

For carbohydrates, there are quite plenty of options and you may even mix them up in order to add variety to your meals. Oatmeal is probably the most easy to find among these alternatives. Another one to go for are pancakes, go for the wheat mix for a healthier choice. Prepare either oatmeal or pancake with a protein powder and you are good to go. Speaking of protein shakes, affordable ones are also being offered at the groceries so you might want to add them on your checklist.

Of course, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that were not mentioned in this article but the gist of it is you don't need to break the bank in order to get that gains that you really want. Be a smart shopper and you'll be building muscle in no time!

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