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Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Top Things You Should Know


Over the years, bodybuilding has paved its way to popularity for people who have a passion for fitness. These men and women are the real hardcore enthusiasts who seem to have been living in the gym. They do not just lift adjustable dumbbells, but real massive barbells.

What makes these people more unique is their strict sense of discipline. They are not only disciplined in training, but also in eating.

A lot of people suffer from the anxiety of being overweight. It is one of the toughest fights being fought by many. But this fear could end at some point, too. We can learn this from our bodybuilding experts. Training for bodybuilding is one thing, bodybuilding nutrition is another.

What We Need to Know about Bodybuilding Nutrition

People who are not fond of weightlifting usually have limited idea on a builder's diet. Most of us just see those huge containers of muscle-building vitamins.

I, for one, have been curious about what bodybuilders it. Seeing them on TV sporting all those massive and defined cuts make me wonder if they even eat. This curiosity leads me into researching more about it.

According to an article by hardgainer.com, it is a matter of intake. Watching out for the amount of food that you ingest is what is important, and not the kind of food. Although certain types should be in the diet plan, the person has to monitor the calorie count.

If you're currently interested in starting your bodybuilding program, you may be worrying about depriving yourself of your favorites. Well, that should not be your primary concern.

Paranoia could go on and on in your head while dealing with your program. There are times when you will worry whether your cooking method is right. Or you will worry about whether you have put the right amount of spice or liquid. You begin to think that every little thing will affect the hard work that you have already started.

This paranoia is entirely healthy. However, this may take a toll on your determination to push through with the diet and the training. If these things hinder you and mentally bother you, then stop worrying about them.

The basic guidelines that will be shared below should serve as guide all throughout your journey to that dream body.

Basic Guidelines to Bodybuilding Nutrition

#1 Monitor your protein intake

This is not only advice for bodybuilders who join contests but even for the average weightlifters. We all know that eating foods that are rich in protein helps a person gain muscular mass.

The problem, though, is that a lot of enthusiasts forget that there are limits. Some take their bodies for granted and eat as much protein-filled food as they want. This is not good for the body at all and could even cause damage to the muscles.

Plus, this could significantly damage the kidneys to a greater extent. Since we do not want this to happen, we should be mindful of the right amount of protein to ingest.

#2 Do not eliminate fat.

I totally get the logic of most people that fats are detrimental to workout and dieting. But, these folks have to know that we all need fats in our body too. Certain types of food contain the healthy kind of fat like nuts, for instance.

Dissociating fats to unhealthy could be the start of a well-balanced diet. Just always stay on the right track and remember that the quantity should be looked out for.

#3 Balance your carbohydrates.

Now, this has always garnered a lot of debates everywhere between diet experts and trainers. It is true that lessening carbohydrate intake could help eliminate the unwanted weight. However, we know that carbohydrates help us keep going as it produces the energy that we need.

For bodybuilders, it is essential to keep the carbs coming so they can survive the intensity of the training. So which one is it? To eliminate or to keep? The answer is to balance. Choose an excellent source that you know you will not over-eat.

How do you know if you have taken up so much? No need to worry too much. There are a ton of carbohydrate intake calculators available online such as this.

#4 Always put in fruits and vegetables in your diet.

This is a no brainer. We have always been taught, even as kids, to eat fruits and veggies in every meal-even as snacks! These foods are the most beneficial to us. They contain the vitamins and minerals that are perfect for the strenuous activity of weightlifting.

Whatever the preparation methods are-steaming, broiling, baking or even juicing- what matters is they are included in the plan. And it is also important that you include a set of it daily, for better nutrition.

#5 Always, always hydrate!

This is another no-brainer here. Water outweighs all other liquids and drinks there are. You can drink the most efficient thirst quenchers, but it will never be better than water. Always, always drink as much water as you can to stay active and healthy.

We are emphasizing this so that you would never forget that it is the most essential in every diet plan. You can never go wrong with drinking plenty of it.


So there you have it! Understanding these fundamental guidelines on bodybuilding nutrition is one thing, but following them is another. Make sure that you obey them as they are the essentials to keeping your body intact.

Remember that if it is your aim to build those humongous muscles, you have to start with healthy eating. If you do not continue pulling it off, there are drawbacks you wouldn't want to undergo.

I hope you enjoyed and learned from these tips. If you have comments, suggestions and additional info on this, feel free to write them down.


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