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Eating Clean

Eating Clean for Bodybuilding

Unless you have just started training with weights on a regular basis you are probably very aware of the vitally important nutrition you eat on a daily basis. Without eating correctly, you will be wasting your time putting all that energy into your workouts, the answer is to eat clean.

So what does eating clean mean? Your body looks the way it does because of what you do (training) every day and not what you do once a week. This is important because if you train once a week you will not improve your strength or the size of your muscle, it also applies to the food you eat.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is part of eating clean, you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This means that when you leave home you need to think ahead of where and what you are going to eat. Without planning ahead, you will get hungry and grab a pie or a burger, which is NOT clean food.

If you eat a cheat meal of cheeseburger and fries once a week it will not show on your body at all, if you eat correctly on the other 6 days of the week. We will briefly cover a few good tips on how to ensure that you are able to always get clean foods into your body on a daily basis.

1. Eating clean is a lifestyle, it needs a plan

Eating clean does not mean that you eat less fat, it means that you need to shop differently, if you buy junk you'll eat junk. Preparing the meals for the day before you leave home takes time and practice. The ONLY way you are going to sustain any new diet change is by adopting it as a new lifestyle.

2. Always eat fresh unprocessed produce

Eating clean means eating fresh produce as often as you can. Whether you are using some new low-carb, high-protein diet, paleo diet, carb loader or an intermittent faster, the golden rule when clean eating will be to include as many fresh produce items on a daily diet as possible.

Vegetables will not only supply all the required nutrients and vitamins to give you the energy that you need, but the soluble fiber of eating fruit and vegetables will help your body to squeeze out every bit of good stuff it needs to continue building muscle. Taking supplements that you get in veggies without eating them will never be able to achieve the same result, clean eating means eating clean, it doesn't mean taking more supplements.

3. Food shopping is a habit that needs to change

Food shopping is obviously the most important part when eating clean. You need to put blinders on when you go past the constantly changing processed and attractively packaged foods, often offering zero value for clean eating. You need to get into the right attitude and head directly to the fruit and veggie section where you will probably find the meat and milk section close by.

4. Eliminate any refined sugars in your diet

Declaring war on any sugar you take in, means that you need to be able to read the packaging correctly of any processed foods that you buy. All foods in their natural state do not contain sugar. You already know that when you eat anything that is crammed with refined sugar your energy level will crash and your hunger to eat more junk will just get worse, it's a vicious circle.

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