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Power Foods

Foods that Increase Strength and Energy

We will list the power foods that have proven themselves to increase both strength and the energy that you have to train with. The list of the 10 foods below is only part of a much larger list of foods that give you energy and power, the list below is not conclusive as more could be added depending on your own metabolism your body type.


If you ask 10 dietitians for a list of foods that will increase energy when you train all of them will list different foods but they will always include eggs. Eggs are the perfect protein because they have the same protein makeup as our muscles do so they get easily digested.

A study done on measuring the effectiveness of eggs in building muscle showed that subjects who ate three whole eggs every day, when training with weights produced twice the muscle gains achieved by the control group eating no eggs or only one egg every day.

Organic Beef:

Organic beef (grass fed), just like eggs will improve your ability to speed up protein synthesis, but there are other benefits to eating organic beef. Compared to normal beef, organic beef will always have a much higher level of an important nutrients called omega-3 fatty acid. Organic beef also has something called CLA which is a healthy fat proven in many clinical trials to speed up fat-loss while boosting muscle growth.


Salmon is very high in omega-3 fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic). But salmon is best for his it's high omega-3 content which increase sensitivity to insulin that will boost muscle protein synthesis plus it will increase the amino acid uptake and glucose uptake time.

It is important to add that omega-3 is readily burnt for fuel when you need energy which spares the muscle glycogen, holding the pump while training. Omega-3 also is able to blunt any joint or muscle breakdown when training but more importantly is able to convert itself into very beneficial prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances promoting muscle growth.

Coconut Water and/or Coconut Oil:

Coconut water is able to replenish the body with electrolytes and coconut oil is packed with all the required medium chain fats for energy and all the nourishment both pre workout and post workout.

Hemp Seeds:

Hemp seeds contain plenty omega-3 fats providing long sustaining energy.


Tempeh is a plant protein that's fermented and therefore easy to digest.


Quinoa seeds contains all essential amino acids, great for including in a post workout meal to speed up recovery.


Honey is packed with enzymes and the required antibacterial and the antimicrobial properties needed to boost your immune system, great for a pre-workout addition as well as your post-workout meal.

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