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Powerlifting Deadlift Technique

Proper Deadlift Technique for Powerlifting

Technique is everything when it comes to deadlifting. Whether you use the conventional deadlift technique or the Sumo technique, it is vitally important that you drill the form and technique into your brain so that when you are doing the movement with max weight your form does not alter.

Below are a few minimum requirements when deadlifting:

Your lower back needs to be in the neutral position, never allow your back to start rounding, that is bad form.

Your arms need to be straight all the time during the movement, bending the arms will only tear your biceps unnecessarily.

Your abs and your lats need to be consciously tight for the duration of the deadlift movement on every rep. This will not only make you stronger but it will also help you to stop the rounding of your lower back.

You need to keep the bar as close to your body as possible at all times during the movement. Any distance that the bar comes away from your body immediately puts extra stress directly on your lower back.

In order to increase the weight that you can deadlift you need to train explosively without using your maximum weight. Technique is everything and exploding into the movement using 70% or 75% of your 1 reps max (1RM) will allow you to concentrate on form while you increase your explosive capability.

Warm-up is everything if you want to avoid injury. The experts tell us that we should warm-up by doing fast doubles with some triples using 50-70% of your maximum weight. If you have access to a power rack you should use partial range of movement to strengthen your lockout or improve your technique by doing more volume.

The 10-week deadlift program listed below needs to start by finding out your 1RM. When you have this number you then need to take away 5% or even 10% because the workout listed below should be done using 35% of your 1RM when doing 5 reps, 45% for 3 reps, 55% for 1 rep, 65% for 1 rep, 75% for 1 rep, 85% for 1 rep, 95% for 1 rep and 105% for 1 rep.

Here is your 10-week deadlift program training deadlift once a week.

Week 1 Using 75% 1RM 5 X 5 reps

Week 2 Using 65% 1RM 7 X 5 reps

Week 3 Using 80% 1RM 4 X 4 reps

Week 4 Using 70% 1RM 6 X 5 reps

Week 5 Using 85% 1RM 3 X 3 reps

Week 6 Using 75% 1RM 5 X 5 reps

Week 7 Using 90% 1RM 2 X 2 reps

Week 8 Using 80% 1RM 4 X 4 reps

Week 9 Using 60% 1RM 5 X 3 reps

Week 10 Max Attempt using 110% 1RM for 1 rep and then try 115% 1RM for 1 rep

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